Episode 41 Leland Jones

August 24, 2017

Young inspiring entrepreneur and published author Leland Jones shares his passion and how he inspires others around him to find and pursue their passions on their journey to success.

Episode 40 Adam Chandler

August 23, 2017

 Adam Chandler is an accomplished internet marketer who candidly shares his personal hurts hang-ups and hiccups and the eventual moment that possibly changed his business forever.

Episode 39 Elizabeth Oliva

August 22, 2017

New Guest Elizabeth Oliva shares how she overcame personal struggles and how she used her entrepreneur skill set to achieve success in her business.

Episode 38 Matt Findley

August 19, 2017

Matt Findley is a returning guest he shares how this industry has been able to provide financial security and the skills necessary to create his own destiny. 

Episode 37 Guillermo Gamboa

August 6, 2017

Guillermo Gamboa shares how he is building a part time business while working full time as a medical professional.

Episode 36 Pat Patterson

July 4, 2017

Hear the first hand gripping attack and survival story of this former Police officer and how he overcame all odds to become a multiple six figure earner. 

Episode 35 Robin Simith

July 1, 2017

Robin Smith shares how she overcame her biggest fears while using the power of Instagram to get leads and sales in her business.  

Episode 34 Jay Warren

June 20, 2017

Jay got some momentum earn on in his home business however, he wanted to move away from the traditional route and go online. Through blogging and building an audience constantly, he has generating leads and sales in his business.

Episode 33 Jaime Soriano

June 12, 2017

Jaime had success early on with his primary Network Marketing company. He was able to continue his success online bringing in a steady flow of leads and sales. Through persistent effort, he now enjoys the life he deserves!

Episode 32 Angela Brooks

May 30, 2017

Angela Brooks tells it like it is and goes over how she put over 500 people into her business through blogging and social media.