Episode 24 Linda Bomba

March 26, 2017

Linda Bomba was one of our first guests before our rebrand to The Influence Tribe,  a lot has changed in her business since then (all good). Linda shares her story and what it takes to overcome and succeed in your business.

Episode 23 Jessica Daniels

March 20, 2017

Jessica Daniels share how she came from working class roots and through her fortitude and "no quit" attitude has become an accomplished marketer in her industry

Episode 22 Leah Rae Getts

March 12, 2017

Leah Rae Getts is someone who in a short time who has gone to a struggleing Network Marketer to now living life on her own terms as part of a dynamic husband and wife duo. 

Episode 21 Steve Krivda

March 4, 2017

Steve Krivda shares his prospecting methods and how he introduces someone to his business.

Episode 20 Nathan Lucas

February 20, 2017

Nathan Lucas goes over how simple it is to be a success with Youtube and how you can too.

Episode 19 Roxanne Lynch

February 13, 2017

Roxanne Lynch shares with everone how to find "The Sunny Side of Life" & living life on her own terms.

Episode 18 Michael McDonald

February 4, 2017

 Michael McDonald shares with The Influence Tribe what he has been able to accomplish through active prospecting and blogging consistantly. 

Episode 17 Kay Somji

January 30, 2017

Kay Somji tells his story of personal struggle and how he managed to get on the leaderboards by sharing how he finds the right audience plus engagment equals sales... 

Episode 16 Robert Dokhani

January 22, 2017

Robert Dokhani a twenty year business entrepreneur shares his personal insights for aspiring home business owners. 

Episode 15 Dave Reineke

January 14, 2017

Dave shows that against all odds and even living in a thrid world country could not keep him from acheving personal freedom.